Emerging Health Trends That Are Here to Stay

The global pandemic may have kicked some emerging health trends into gear, but many of them appear to now be here to stay....
Emerging Health Trends That Are Here to Stay
Written by Brian Wallace
  • The onset of today’s pandemic has brought on various changes to how we live especially when it comes to how we approach healthcare.

    Most of these changes have helped our society navigate the new normal way of living. But up to what extent will these changes stay? This question is all the more relevant to ask when it comes to the field of healthcare. 

    So what aspects of digital healthcare are here to stay? Read on below to find out!

    The Rise of Telemedicine

    The ever-rising incidents of healthcare workers contracting COVID-19 as well as people’s fear of contracting the virus has led to the rise of telemedicine in recent times. But more than that, patients are demanding it for convenience while doctors report better engagement after adding telemedicine to their repertoire.

    With 76% reporting to have used telehealth portals in the past year alone, more patients are making the switch due to a number of reasons.

    For one, people prefer the switch to digital healthcare because they get to save on transportation time and costs. But more than that, it also keeps them safe in the comfort of their home.

    More Widespread Use of Triaging

    In today’s climate, two-thirds of countries globally now report using triaging as a way to determine priorities. With rising numbers of Covid-19 cases for every new variant discovered, many healthcare facilities can be easily overwhelmed as cases increase.

    Hence, the use of triage has been more prevalent although the concept itself isn’t new. In the past, it has typically been used in standalone instances—not something as widespread and common as we’ve now seen during the pandemic.

    Increase of Online Ordering of Health Supplies

    In-person visits to pharmacies were reported to have fallen this pandemic. With the rise of platforms such as patient portals and telemedicine consults, more and more people are also turning online when it comes to buying their medicines and other health supplies. 

    Consumers are now shifting to buying from brands and businesses who have available digital channels they can order from. 

    In fact, there was a 35% increase in the online purchase of over-the-counter medicines and health supplements in the past year alone. And as more companies make the switch to meet the growing demand, there’s no doubt that this trend is here to stay.

    More People are Venturing Into Health and Fitness

    The number of gym goers in the U.S. has remarkably increased from 2019 to 2020. There was a 27% increase of people signing up for gyms between the pre-pandemic year to 2020. This constituted 73.6 million people working out—up from the 58 million in the previous year. 

    This trend also applies to the purchase of workout supplements such as creatine, whey proteins, and muscle supplements such as  rad140 sarms. Supplements such as the rad140 for sale has helped fitness buffs boost their efforts in developing their physique.


    The good news is that the above trends are brought on by today’s consumer needs and wants. These changes are no doubt beneficial because companies are forced to innovate in order to keep up with the times in order to provide a more positive buying or patient experience. 

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