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SocialDitto is a new tool designed to let content producers, such as journalists and bloggers, embed Facebook posts/status updates into their content. You can think about it like the Twitter BlackBird Pie tool, which lets you embed tweets.

The developers of SocialDitto, part of iEntry (which also publishes WebProNews) thought a Blackbird Pie-like tool would be useful for Facebook posts, given that a lot of interesting content is shared on Facebook, arguably even more so than Twitter given its size.

Let's say you were writing a story about the Super Bowl, and wanted to provide a Facebook update from the winners in your story. You could simply find a post on the Packers' Facebook Page...

Packers Super Bowl Champions - Facebook Update

The app, which can be found here on Facebook, will add itself as an option in the left-hand column while you're on your newfeed page. That way, it is always conveniently at your disposal, should you find an interesting update you wish to share.

SocialDitto Added to Your Facebook Menu for convenience

Then grab the URL of that post (from the timestamp), paste it in the SocialDitto box, and click the "ditto" button to get the embed code...

SocialDitto Packers Update

Chris Crum
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