#EmbarrassYourBestFriend Hashtag Emerges on Twitter; Participate at Your Own Risk

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People do a lot of stupid things on Twitter, and that shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. Give millions of people the ability to shout any brainfart that pops into their head anytime, anywhere and you're bound to create a culture of "Tweet before you think."

But today, a trending hashtag has emerged that tests the limits of friendship, and could be the cause of many a karmic retribution.

#EmbarrassYourBestFriend has emerged, and it's a dangerous game, people. Sure, you have a great pic from that one night your buddy had a little bit too much to drink. And yes, I'm sure it's funny as hell. But just remember, they probably have a photo of you that's either just as bad or worse. And I can see this escalating rather quickly.

Just look at what can happen; you have to have some brass to start this kind of public shaming war. [NSFW]

I think this is what everyone should be thinking right now:

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