Email Makes Us Spend Two Hours Reading It

IT Management

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Email is an important part of our everyday life, even if you don’t think about it while you’re deleting everything in your inbox.

Baydin, makers of the email plug-in Boomerang, compiled data from 5 million emails and found some interesting stats about our email usage habits.

The average email user receives about 147 messages every day, and spends more than two and a half hours on email a day. We delete 71 of those messages which only takes about five minutes. Think about that next time you’re wondering how time has moved forward so quickly while checking your email.

We’re also taking up a lot of time when we’re writing emails. The average person writes about 40 emails a day. Those same people are somehow faster at writing emails that they are not going to send immediately upon finishing.

People recommend you send emails around 6 a.m. with the expectation that people are going to read them at 8 a.m. In actuality, people want to read their emails at around 5 to 6 a.m.

If you want people to actually read your email, you’ll need a strong title. Stick to words like “apply” and “connect” in your titles and avoid words like “confirm” and “press” if you want people to open the email instead of just deleting it.

Finally, Baydin leaves you with three tips that will help you “master email:” “learn to say no and decide quickly, send non-marketing emails before work and during lunch, and reply quickly to important emails.”

With these tips, you should be able to use email more effectively and become an email master.