How to Reactivate Your Email List

Some novice marketers think it only takes a long list of subscribers to make their email marketing successful. However, experts understand that this list can turn out to be more of a setback than a be...
How to Reactivate Your Email List
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  • Some novice marketers think it only takes a long list of subscribers to make their email marketing successful. However, experts understand that this list can turn out to be more of a setback than a benefit if it is filled with inactive subscribers who don’t interact with your content.

    The whole point of marketing is to get the attention of your audience. If your emails no longer do that, it’s time to rethink your strategy.

    To solve this issue, you need to start re-engagement campaigns.  71% of marketers believe that these campaigns are an effective way to win back inactive subscribers. However, only 57% use this type of marketing technique.

    So, if you’re among that 57% and still exploring your marketing options, read on to find out the importance of a re-engagement campaign and how you can execute one for your brand.

    Importance of Re-engagement Campaigns

    Email marketers can fix the inactive status of their email subscribers, ignore it or remove those subscribers from the list. Unfortunately, the ones who ignore the inactive status of their subscribers continue sending the same old emails in hopes of different results.

    On the other hand, those who remove these people from the email list lose a significant number of potential customers. Studies reveal that, on average, the value of an inactive subscriber is 32% of an active subscriber.

    The most effective way to deal with inactive subscribers is to win them over with a re-engagement campaign. Unfortunately, even though the first two options seem more straightforward to execute than this and require minimal effort with minimum resources, they will multiply the risk of damage.

    One of the most significant troubles of emailing inactive subscribers is that your open rates get impacted. A drop in open rates of your emails can negatively affect your email reputation, as your internet service providers (ISPs) will note it.

    This ultimately means that ignoring inactive subscribers instead of winning them back can cost you loss of a significant sum of revenue.

    3 Effective Ways To Re-engage Subscribers

    Here are a few ways you can re-engage subscribers.

    Make Your Emails Relevant

    Most businesses usually make the mistake of only sending sales and offering emails to their list. But, unfortunately, these monotonous emails can lose the interest of your subscriber. So, it would help you run an effective email marketing campaign if you made your emails more relevant.

    You can base your emails on current news or points that might interest your subscribers and be relevant to your brand too. Providing them with something new every time will compel them to open your email. If it becomes predictable that you’ll always send them offers, they will stop opening the emails.

    So if you want to hold the attention of your subscribers, come up with eye-catching content. For example, if you are creating a Shopify newsletter, find the right layout and use striking visuals to grab your readers’ attention and ultimately direct them to your Shopify store.

    Moreover, the click-to-open rate has dropped to 18%. This could be attributed to the fact that Americans receive 121 marketing emails per day, making it very unlikely for them to open all of them. Only the ones that manage to win the attention of the user will survive. So, make your email worth opening.

    Rebuild the Relationship

    The broken relationship between your brand and your subscribers needs to be mended. There are many ways you can do that. Running a campaign that references the lack of engagement of your subscriber can be a great idea. State it as the purpose of your campaign, something like, “(brand’s name) Misses You!”

    This campaign will make your subscribers feel noticed and appreciated. Moreover, its transparency provides them all the reasons to engage with it.

    Send Personalized Emails

    It is crucial to make your subscribers feel important. One way to do that is by sending personalized emails. When they recognize the effort, you seek their attention. They will most likely want to open and respond too.

    For example, you can sort the purchase history of your subscriber, their web behaviors, or product usage. Then use this information to provide recommendations regarding similar products or birthday/anniversary discounts through your marketing campaign.

    This re-engagement campaign will shoot your click-to-open rates, making your email marketing successful.

    In Conclusion

    Spending massive sums on your marketing campaigns that don’t bear results can be a disappointment. Unfortunately, inactive subscribers can be a primary reason for the campaign’s failure. To eliminate this liability, you need to try some new and novel tactics to win them back. Make it your ultimate priority, and you’ll start receiving engagement from them in no time.

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