Elvis Presley Crypt to Be Auctioned Off This Summer


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Elvis Presley crypt inside Forest Hill Cemetery in Memphis, Tennessee will soon be tossed upon the auction block, allowing fans of the legendary singer to own a piece of the man's history. Those hoping to get their weird little hands on Presley's corpse will be deeply disappointed, as his body was moved by his father to the cemetery at Graceland two months after his death in 1977. Sorry if that news spoils the deal for you. He's living with aliens, anyway.

Julien's Auctions, a company that specializes in selling the former possessions of dead celebrities, will handle the auction, which, of course, will go to the highest bidder. The crypt, a part of the auction house's "Music Icons" series, will start at $100,000, so be sure to bring all of your pennies and nickels along if you're planning on tossing your bid into the mix. Other items the company has peddled over the years include Michael Jackson's red leather jacket and a few of the items Whitney Houston wore in "The Bodyguard".

In addition to receiving the crypt which temporarily held the Presley's body, the winner will also receive an opening and closing for the purposes of burial, a memorialization inscription, and the use of the chapel when and if the person decides to use it. Most importantly, you'll get bragging rights to the crypt, which means that you'll be able to trump just about any Elvis fan currently living who claims they're more devoted to the singer than you are.

This isn't the first morbid celebrity auction that has made headlines recently. A vial of Ronald Reagan's blood was available for purchase not too long ago, though it was soon removed from the auction site after the seller received complaints from the former president's friends and family. Although Presley's crypt isn't nearly as offensive, it's still quite creepy, particularly you stop to think about the sort of individuals that would feel the pull to purchase something that's a little macabre. To each his own, I suppose.

The auction for the crypt begins on June 23rd. Mark your calendars appropriately.

Apparently I'm not the only one who thinks buying Elvis Presley's crypt is a little odd. Take a minute to peruse these Twitter posts related to the story.

I guess if someone can auction off Ronald Reagan's blood, this isn't all that creepy. http://t.co/aZZADza2
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You have to be a HUGE Elvis fan..or just really like crypts..- Ali http://t.co/seSqdZkZ
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Your chance to be a star AFTER death. Elvis Presley's crypt is being auctioned. You can be dead where the King once was dead.
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Elvis Presley's original crypt up for auction: Soon, the highest bidder will be able to buy a burial fit for The King. http://t.co/R47wSNi1
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That's not gross at all. RT @billboard: For Sale: Elvis Presley's Original Crypt - http://t.co/GB8jaKoK
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