Elton John Calls Madonna A Very Bad Word, Says Career Is Over

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Elton John was friends with Madonna, once upon a time. But for various reasons, the two developed a bitter feud nearly a decade ago, with John accusing the singer of lip-synching at her shows, something he finds appalling.

“Anyone who lip-syncs in public on stage when you pay $134 to see them should be shot," he famously said, before going on "Good Morning America" and sending a message to Madonna before her Super Bowl halftime show.

"Make sure you lip-sync good," he said.

Now, an interview has been released with John ranting about Madge and her career, which he says is over.

She is such a nightmare," he says. "Her career is over, I can tell you that. Her tour has been a disaster and it couldn't happen to a bigger c**t." You can watch the video here.

John is apparently irked at Madonna's treatment of his BFF Lady Gaga, who is so close to the iconic British pianist that he named her godmother to his 1-year old son, Zachary. Madonna hasn't been shy in her comparisons of Gaga's song "Born This Way" to her own song "Express Yourself", even going so far as to merge the two songs during a recent tour rehearsal.

According to John, the things he said about Madonna were supposedly "off the record", but the cameras were still rolling when he trash-talked her and caught every word. No report yet on how Madonna feels about all this, although she can't be surprised; a ten-year feud doesn't make for niceties.

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