Elmo Interviews Chelsea Clinton: Will Hillary Run?

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Elmo -- yes, the red Sesame Street guy -- has landed an exclusive interview with Chelsea Clinton. And he asked her about Hillary!

The interview ran in People Magazine and was mostly about Chelsea clinton's daughter Charlotte. Elmo asked about Chelsea recently becoming a mommy.

"I have a beautiful baby daughter named Charlotte," Chelsea told Elmo, "I try really hard to be a good mommy. I think it's the most important job in the world."

Elmo said he had heard that it was important to read books to babies.

"My husband Marc and I read to Charlotte every night, and when her grandparents come over, they read to her as well," Chelsea said. "It's so important that little kids, kids Charlotte's age, and kids your age, Elmo, be read to and talked to and sung to. It helps their brains develop."

Even though Chelsea is back to working on the goals of the Clinton Foundation, she makes sure to take time in the mornings to be with Charlotte.

"I start talking to her, when I'm changing her diaper in the morning and when we're picking out what clothes she's going to wear for the day. I read her the news every morning," Clinton said, "She agrees with me on everything right now."

Chelsea told Elmo that it's not just the parents that have a responsibility to read to babies, but everyone in their lives, including grandparents. That brought up Hillary and Bill Clinton.

"We all kind of compete to see who's going to read her stories," Chelsea said. She said that her father gets in on the fun. "He loves walking up and down the hallway with her (past our bookshelves) every time pointing out a different book to her and telling her that someday she'll be old enough to read that book herself. It's so sweet."

But then came the question about whether or not Hillary would run for the office of U.S. President.

"No, I'm waiting too. It's really sweet how my mom is just so clearly happy being a grandma and I know she's going to be a great grandma, whatever other choices she makes in her life."

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