Elliot Rodger: A Creep Who Couldn't Take Rejection?


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Elliot Rodger was walking validation for any and every woman who ever felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand up when approached by certain men. Clearly by his actions, every woman who rejected the man who is blamed for the carnage in Santa Barbara, Calif. was right to do so.

His drive-by shootings resulted seven confirmed deaths (including his own) and at least thirteen injuries. He's also believed to have started his deadly rampage at home, due to the discovery of three bodies of individuals who had been stabbed to death.

Some individuals are on the internet lamenting Rodger and how his tragic death just goes to show what can possibly go wrong when "women don't put out for nice guys".

These persons are not only wrong, but I sincerely hope their information has been passed along to the authorities.

Tragically, law enforcement officials were warned multiple times that Rodger was dangerous. It was just that they felt he possessed no threat that could lead them to take action.

Elliot Rodger was, despite the violence he inflicted, not an unusual young man in terms of his entitled thinking. It is only the act of violence that set him a part from so many other like-minded individuals clogging up the internet with their issues.

Tragically, these individuals are ignored not because they pose a danger, but because their beliefs are so common among a segment of dejected males.

After all, who HASN'T heard a rant from some passive-aggressive individual who blames his lack of success on everyone else rather than his own thoughts and behavior. Such persons simply cannot handle rejection, even though rejection is a common human occurrence for men and women.

Is Elliot Rodger mentally ill?

A better question is why pretend that there aren't millions of people who suffer from various mental illnesses, but somehow manage not to go on shooting sprees. While there are certainly persons that are dangerous because of mental health issues, it is quite clear from the videos, comments, and lengthy manifesto left behind what Rodger's problem was. He pretty much spelled it out with his own words and actions.

Elliot Rodger was simply a twenty-something male who couldn't take rejection and felt entitled to women and ego-stroking. When he didn't get what he wanted, he threw a fatal temper tantrum.

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