Ellie Goulding Sports Muscles At Met Gala

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Ellie Goulding, 28-year-old UK pop star, recently showed off her muscles at the Met Gala in New York, saying that exercising made her feel stronger.

“I’m not afraid of a guy saying to me that I’m strong," Ellie Goulding said. "And I will happily post pictures of my muscles on Instagram – because I’m proud of being a strong girl."

Ellie Goulding's musician boyfriend, Dougie Poynter of McBusted fame, and other band members often accompany her to the gym.

“Training with him and the other guys is fun – it’s not hard,” Ellie Goulding said.

“Harry (Judd) is actually really good. I won’t say ‘big’ because his head will swell but he’s an inspiration because he trains really hard.

“And so we will often all go to the gym together and a couple of the other girls – the wives – will come down as well and it’s great because my band don’t bloody train. It’s actually nice being with guys who train so much.”

Working out not only helps her physically but also mentally and emotionally.

“I Instagram and I tweet and I perform in whatever I want and if you accept that you’re always going to get negativity then you can overcome it. So when you see a nasty comment, you don’t think, ‘That’s not fair’. It just kind of turns into a blur…I feel strong.”

Poynter also helps Ellie Goulding overcome obstacles of fame.

“When I’m with him, I’m just his girlfriend, nothing else," Goulding said. "He’s been doing this much longer – which is a first for me. We can have a really healthy understanding of what we do, but we’re not too into it. There’s no ego or anything like that.”

Ellie Goulding will soon get more chances to show off those muscles when she appears in Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" video wearing a fitted leather jacket with a low zipper. Known as Destructa X, she is seen in a promo picture on Instagram holding a large bazooka on her shoulder with the tagline "Band-Aids don't fix bullet holes."

Meet Destructa X. @elliegoulding #BadBloodMusicVideo

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