Ellie Goulding: People Say Singer and Boyfriend Dougie Poynter Look Like Siblings

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Ellie Goulding shared an unusual tidbit of information about her boyfriend Dougie Poynter--or rather, she shared a similarity the two share.

It seems the singer and her boyfriend look like siblings, but she doesn't seem bothered by it at all.

"We dress kind of similar. Dougie's always like, 'We can't both wear this shirt!' But I like it," Ellie Goulding says in the February issue of Glamour magazine.

The similarities go way beyond their modes of dress.

"People always say we look like brother and sister. Even our family members say it," Ellie Goulding, 29, says. "It's quite weird."

Goulding and Poynter share a background in the music business, too.

"Dougie and I have such different musical worlds, but he understands when I've had a tough rehearsal or tough couple of days traveling. I don't like to rely on him to get me through everything, though. I'm an independent person--I do like to take care of things myself. It's important to figure out ways of keeping your own Zen," Goulding shares.

"Relationships have their ups and downs. And sometimes, yeah, I want to be left alone. Dougie is respectful of that," she adds.

Unless Dougie--bassist for the band McFly--and Ellie somehow discover they are long lost siblings, they will likely tie the knot one day in the future.

"He is definitely the one forever. He's been through a lot, and he has a quiet depth that I love," the "Something in the Way You Move" singer told ELLE U.K. last year. "And you know what, when I was a teenager, I fancied him, but I thought he was out of my league. Way too good-looking for me."

Oh, the irony...

Ellie Goulding and Dougie Poynter really do resemble each other--physically, anyway. Might you have thought they were brother and sister if you weren't told otherwise?

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