Ellen DeGeneres Hosts "Apparently Kid", Pits Him Against Chris Pratt In Dino Challenge

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Ellen DeGeneres hosted the famous and viral "Apparently Kid" after he rose to fame describing his experience at the Wayne County Fair to Newswatch 16’s Sofia Ojeda.

In a smart move, Ellen DeGeneres recently invited the "Apparently Kid", also known as Noah Ritter, back for a scientific dinosaur trivia game with guest Chris Pratt.

Chris Pratt is the star of the new Jurassic Park reboot, Jurassic World.

Ellen DeGeneres helped judge the game, but Noah Ritter stole the show.

When Chris Pratt held out his hand to shake, Noah ignored it.

Tomorrow, these two handsome devils go head-to-head in a new game.

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His showboating had Ellen DeGeneres and the audience rolling.

Ellen DeGeneres asked Noah, “Do you know who that is?” pointing to Pratt. With a huge smile, Ritter yelled, “Chris Pratt!”

Noah continued, “I cannot wait to see the movie!”

Ellen DeGeneres replied, “Great.”

However, Ritter wasn't done expressing how excited he is for Pratt’s film. He yelled, “I cannot wait to see Jurassic World!”

Ellen DeGeneres' game featured questions like, “A person who studies dinosaurs is known as what?” and “What’s the difference between an herbivore and a carnivore?”

It also included harder questions like, “Which is bigger? A T-Rex or a Brachiosaurus?”

Noah Ritter absolutely nailed it.

After the questions Noah was, of course, declared the winner of the game.

He was then rewarded with a huge basket of gifts from Chris Pratt, including toys that aren't even on shelves yet!

What a cool show!

What did you think about Chris Pratt's dino match with the "Apparently Kid", Noah Ritter?

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