Ellen DeGeneres And Portia De Rossi Celebrates Their 10-Year Anniversary With A Selfie

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Power couple Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres shuts down divorce rumors with a romantic selfie that they posted on Twitter last Saturday. The 41-year-old actress and the 56-year-old talk show host spent a lovely afternoon at the beach to celebrate their 10-year anniversary together

The Aussie star of the hit show Arrested Development was all smiles as DeGeneres snapped a quick photo of them during their romantic stroll. The two chose to be make-up free for the picture, showing off their beautiful faces.

The next day, De Rossi showed her fans another cute photo of her with the host of The Ellen DeGeneres show. The actress rested her head against her wife’s face as they hung out together to spend a quiet Sunday.

The couple continued their anniversary celebration during Thanksgiving as seen in a photo posted by De Rossi. Then they had an intimate dinner with their friends, effectively shutting down the controversies surrounding them.

Despite their posts of admiration, the two are constantly bombarded with divorce rumors. In a recent interview with People Magazine, DeGeneres gushed about her wife, saying: “I love her so much it kills me.”

Fans of the couple sent them loving messages on Twitter, reminding them to stay strong despite the on-going rumors. De Rossi retweeted a few fans and thanked them for the massive support that they’re showing.

De Rossi recently became a part of the hit show Scandal, while DeGeneres is currently working on the film Finding Dory, the sequel to the 2003 Disney-Pixar animated film, Finding Nemo.

The couple began dating in December of 2004. In 2008, after the same sex marriage ban was overturned in California, DeGeneres gave De Rossi a three-carat pink diamond ring before promptly announcing their engagement on live television. The couple lives in their Beverly Hills home with their three dogs and four cats.

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