Elizabeth Vargas, Marc Cohn Reportedly Split


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Elizabeth Vargas is reportedly battling yet another bout with alcoholism.

Back in November, the 51-year-old ABC News anchor revealed she'd been battling alcoholism for more than a decade.

Within three months, she'd entered rehab twice with hopes of overcoming her addiction but to no avail. Now, she's making a third attempt to prevail.

However, addiction isn't the only problem she's facing. According to People magazine, the notable television journalist is also having marital problems. As a matter of fact, several media outlets have reported that Vargas and her husband singer-songwriter Marc Cohn have called it quits.

An insider close to the couple recently spoke with US Weekly about their decision to separate after 12 years of marriage. “The two are indeed in proceedings, but the divorce is not yet final.”

Another source shared brief details about their personal life going forward. "Marc and Elizabeth are in divorce proceedings," the source told the publication. "The kids are with him in New York while she seeks treatment."

Vargas and Cohn married on July 20, 2002 after dating for three years. They have two children - Zachary Raphael Cohn, 11, and Samuel Wyatt Cohn, 8. Although they've opted to go their separate ways, Cohn released a statement addressing their decision. He expressed that he's still supporting his estranged wife.

"On behalf of Elizabeth's family," Cohn said. "we are in total support of her recovery and want her to be well."

Vargas reportedly checked herself into rehabilitation center over the weekend. She also released an official announcement about her decision and a statement of apology.

"I feel I have let myself, my co-workers and most importantly my family down, and for that I am ashamed and sorry," she said. "I am committed to battling and addressing this debilitating disease and want to thank everyone who has offered their unwavering support during this trying time."