Elizabeth Olsen Responds To Rumors About Tom Hiddleston

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Elizabeth Olsen responded to rumors that she and Tom Hiddleston are an item recently, saying that while the two of them are good friends, there's nothing romantic between them.

"I mean, we definitely are friends and we've known each other for about four years. And we happened to be at a restaurant at a wrong time having dinner. We all go out to dinner," Olsen said.

If the rumor mill is to be believed, Olsen is also dating Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner, her Avengers: Age Of Ultron cast mates. The actress told Refinery 29 that the speculation doesn't bother her anymore, in part because people will believe what they want anyway.

Apparently, I'm dating Chris Evans, and apparently, I've dated Jeremy Renner, so I guess that...I don't react to it...I mean, people can think what they want to think."

Elizabeth told Business Insider that while she loves her Avengers character--Scarlet Witch--she doesn't know if she'd be down with a spinoff movie of her own. While most actors would probably jump at the chance to have a starring role in a Marvel film, Olsen says she wouldn't do it if it wasn't necessary.

"I'm not sure, honestly. I love my character, I just don't know how that would fit in the whole Marvel universe or if it would even be necessary," Elizabeth Olsen said.

For now, Olsen is focusing on her latest film, I Saw The Light, a Hank Williams biopic in which she stars opposite Hiddleston.

"The good thing about Marvel is they have so many other things going on that they have to plan their year so specifically. I already know my block of time for them for the next year, and I have a lot of time until then, so I'm in a position right now where I'm trying to find another film like 'I Saw The Light.'"

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