Elizabeth Hurley: Saying 'Yes' Is What Keeps Her Looking Young and Sexy at 50

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Elizabeth Hurley turned the big 5-0 Wednesday and said she knows how to keep young and sexy — by saying "yes."

"I love my life, I love change and I love new experiences," Elizabeth Hurley told Hello! magazine. "Saying yes is so liberating; it's my favorite word."

To mark her milestone birthday, Elizabeth Hurley chose to have several big lunches and dinners in lieu of a big all out party.

"I really get to see everyone I adore," she explained of her decision to spread out the celebration over several events.

The first of several celebrations began on Sunday when The Royals actress was joined by her "oldest friends and family" to kick-start the festivities.

Elizabeth Hurley shared an Instagram photo of her crown-shaped cake in honor of her role as Helena in the E! series.

"Wonderful day with my oldest friends and family chez moi. All hail my fabulous cake xxx," Elizabeth Hurley captioned the photo and later tweeted, "A perfect English day with old friends and the best pre birthday cake ever."

On Monday, Elizabeth Hurley revealed that shooting for Season 2 of The Royals will begin next week.

Starring in E!'s first scripted series has been a dream come true for Elizabeth Hurley.

"I like it when Helena's bad," she said. "I like playing bad. You know what? When I started working as an actress, I played the English rose for a while. And then I played bad once, and after that I've never looked back. I've been playing bad ever since."

Although Helena is bad, Elizabeth Hurley believes the character has some redeeming qualities as well.

"I think I have a line in the show where I say, 'It's becoming increasingly difficult to tell the difference between the heroes and the villains.' I think for Helena in particular, without any doubt, she does some villainous things, but I believe that she has a heroic spirit somewhere inside her rather unpleasant, manipulative persona. I believe she really thinks that what she's doing is for the greater good," Hurley said. "Now, I don't think many people agree with her, but I think she's right."

Pam Wright