Elizabeth Hurley Denies Affair Rumors

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Sorry Monica Lewinsky ... it looks like you weren't the only one sneaking around with the former president Bill Clinton. Accusations of another mistress have surfaced, although she completely denies the claims.

Elizabeth Hurley allegedly had an ongoing affair with Clinton, during his time in office. However, she says that it never happened. So, here we are again ... did Clinton have sexual affairs with this woman? According to Hurley's ex-boyfriend actor Tom Sizemore, they did and he says that he knows this for a fact.

Sizemore, who was known for his role in Saving Private Ryan , can be heard on an audio recording, that was released by the British tabloid The Globe, talking about the alleged affair, describing, in detail, the things that Hurley had confessed to him.

In 1998, during a screening of Saving Private Ryan at the White House, Clinton supposedly asked Sizemore if he had dated Hurley and if he was still seeing her. When Sizemore said that he did, Clinton proceeded to ask for Hurley's number, call her, and set up a time for her to fly on a private plane to the White House.

After their rendezvous, Sizemore asked Hurley details about the White House, and if Hillary gave them any problems. "I asked her, what was it like there?...I said was Hillary Clinton a problem? And she said ‘No, they sleep in different bedrooms,'" Sizemore revealed.

Despite Sizemore's admission, Hurley remains firm in saying that she did NOT have an affair with Clinton. She took to her personal Twitter page to address the rumors saying, "Ludicrously silly stories about me and Bill Clinton. Totally untrue. In the hands of my lawyers. Yawn."

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