Elizabeth Hurley Calls Ex-Boyfriend Hugh Grant Her "Best Friend"

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Elizabeth Hurley says even after all this time, she considers Hugh Grant her best friend.

"He's still my best friend and he's very important to me," she said while a guest on a British morning show.

It was a bit more than 20 years ago when Hugh Grant made news for having sex with a prostitute named Divine Brown in L.A. He was dating Elizabeth Hurley at the time. Despite his actions, Hurley stuck with him. The two eventually split a few years later.

Elizabeth Hurley is no doubt a very forgiving woman.

"I think families change," Hurley continues. "I think they used to be much more insular, but now friends become as important as some family members sometimes--not your very close family but, you know, for distant cousins that you never see. Of course, your friends are much more immediate," she says.

Hugh Grant is the godfather of Elizabeth Hurley's son with movie producer Steve Bing.

"I don't know if he will be an actor," Hurley says of son Damian. "I think he will be in show business. He might be behind the camera. He's quite despotic when he's making his own little mini-movies, he's quite good at it."

"I think he wants to run a studio, maybe employ his aging, geriatric mother, we'll see, you never know," The Royals star adds.

Are you among those rather shocked to learn that despite what Elizabeth Hurley and Hugh Grant went through some 20 years back that the two are such close friends?

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