Elizabeth Berkley Takes it Back to Saved By the Bell for DWTS

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Whenever you see actress Elizabeth Berkley, you automatically think of “Saved by the Bell,” and that 'most likely to succeed' air of Jesse Spano. However, there was one iconic moment that all SBTB fans remember when Jesse Spano fell apart.

In the famous 'pill-popping' episode, Jesse was definitely in her element – overexerting herself, taking on one too many obligations at a time, trying to meet several deadlines simultaneously. Of course, she wouldn't concede, and throw in the towel to admit she was in over her head. So, she turned to caffeine pills to curb the desire for much-needed rest in order to forge on. The alternative worked for a minute, but the results were short-lived. After a brief jolt of wired energy, her perseverance led to the ultimate melt down when she fell apart in front of Zack.

Since everyone remembers the unforgettable moment, Berkley decided to channel that energy, taking it to a whole new level. Last night, Berkley went back in time with her reenactment of the memorable scene on Dancing with the Stars. Her dance partner, Val Chmerkovskiy, portrayed Mark-Paul Gosselaar's role of Zack Morris. The recreated dramatization took place right before her dance routine kicked off.

Berkley received lauded reviews for her performance, as it was almost verbatim to the original scene. Fans who tuned into DWTS also tweeted praises to the actress. Berkley also took a moment to reflect, re-tweeting some of the posts.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar also chimed in on Twitter to congratulate Berkley.

She also spoke with Yahoo! TV to weigh in on her sentiments toward the SBTB episode itself. "It is one of my favorite episodes," Berkley told Yahoo TV. "And because it's a fan favorite, it has a special place in my heart. It connects us all to our childhood. Most episodes dealt a bit more with 'who asked who to the dance,' where as this one dealt with a heavier subject matter. Of all the moments from the show, that felt like the right one to do."

Image via Twitter | Elizabeth Berkley

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