Elizabeth Banks Wants Her Sons To Marry Jimmy Fallon's Daughters

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Elizabeth Banks paid Jimmy Fallon a visit on Tuesday night's Tonight Show.

It seemed Elizabeth Banks' purpose, aside from a bit of promotion for Pitch Perfect 2, was to arrange marriages for her two boys, Felix, two and a half, and Magnus, four.

Jimmy Fallon, who has daughters Winnie, one and a half, and Frances, three months, seemed on board with Elizabeth Banks' idea.

Elizabeth Banks said of her sons, "So I'm hoping someday they're going to get married to your girls. We'll be one big happy family. It'll be great. I promise they're like really nice guys."

Of course Elizabeth Banks says her sons are nice guys. Aren't they all nice guys at that age?

See my 1st time chatting w Jimmy tonight! #FallonTonight

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Elizabeth Banks also told a hilarious story about what it's like to FaceTime with them while she is away.

"So I'm FaceTiming them. It's awesome. I mean, first of all, that FaceTime exists is amazing. I basically don't even need to go home. I could just parent from here," Elizabeth Banks said.

congrats JM, so classy.

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She continued, "I feel like the past couple of days, whenever I FaceTime, this is the first thing that I hear ... 'Mommy, we're naked!' And here's the thing: I can see that they're naked. It's FaceTime. Like, 'Oh, yeah, there you are. What happened to your clothes?' They just love it."

Elizabeth Banks went on to explain that the boys had jumped into a river before one particular naked FaceTime session. She said that they were in their car seats on the way home, naked and eating Cheddar Bunnies.

Franny Fallon wishes you a happy Tuesday!

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However, when Elizabeth Banks finds out that Fallon's daughter Winnie doesn't pronouce Elmo the correct way, she quips, "She's going to have to get a little smarter if she wants to marry my son."

I heard 2014 is gonna be even more fun than 2013. #HappyNewYear #BabyNewYear

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So, maybe the deal is off for Elizabeth Banks' dream wedding.

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