Elizabeth Banks: Directing Success of 'Pitch Perfect 2' Has Whetted Her Appetite For More

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Elizabeth Banks wants more.

With the success of Pitch Perfect 2, her first foray as a director, Elizabeth Banks said the experience has whetted her appetite for more.

Elizabeth Banks made her directorial debut with Pitch Perfect 2, which is killing it at the box office and stars Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson and Hailee Steinfeld. Banks produced the first Pitch Perfect with husband Max Handelman.

“I would love to direct more movies,” Elizabeth Banks said, according to U.K.'s Press Association.

“It’s really important that more women get involved in directing and in leadership positions in Hollywood, and I’m really excited to be providing an example for my generation of women,” said Elizabeth Banks.

Because the Hunger Games actress has been involved with Pitch Perfect from the very beginning, Elizabeth Banks says directing the sequel was a "natural" step.

“It did feel natural, just because I’ve been involved since day one. I think being a part of the first film and being on set every day, that was the best preparation for making this movie,” said Elizabeth Banks.

“I’m also an actor so I haven’t always had the time in my schedule to direct a feature, but I knew I was going to be making the time to do Pitch Perfect 2 as a producer, no matter what. It just seemed the natural progression to take on the directing duties as well.”

Elizabeth explained the direction she wanted to take with the Bellas in the sequel.

“One of my goals was to expand the world that the Bellas are in," she said. "I wanted to improve upon everything that we’ve accomplished – as well as have the girls looking gorgeous, which they do. We were very protective of this franchise. The first time around, we were this little movie with singing and dancing, so much fun, comedy and heart. And this time we wanted to make sure we maintain that sense of fun and wicked humour – but grow in the musical numbers.”

Did you see Pitch Perfect 2? What do you think of Elizabeth Banks' directing debut?

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