Eliza Dushku's New Character Similar To "Buffy" Role

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Eliza Dushku can certainly play tough and sexy well; she did it successfully on shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Dollhouse. Now, she's reportedly joining Cinemax's Banshee as an FBI agent battling demons of her own in a small town with an ex-con sheriff.

Dushku will be joining the show for the fourth season to help the sheriff, Lucas Hood, track down a serial killer. The show has been touted as having some of the best fight choreography scenes on television, which Dushku is familiar with. As ass-kicking slayer Faith on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, she had to beat someone up in just about every scene she was in, which was just fine with fans. And according to Screen Rant, Dushku's character might bring up questions about even more secrets within the town, especially when it comes to the past of the outsider sheriff.

The end of Banshee Season 3 left fans with a lot of questions and played around with the idea of identities and the difference between who you say you are, and who you actually are. The addition of Dushku’s Dawson – an Agent with “personal demons” who teams up with Hood - suggests her character could bring up even more questions of identity and secrets for our main cast. Whether or not they’re questions that lead to positive outcomes – that will just have to wait to be seen.

Dushku made headlines last year when she announced on Twitter that, while checking in to her hotel during a comic convention, she was robbed by two men wearing costumes. The men took her Louis Vuitton duffel bag, but police later tracked them down and returned Eliza's property to her.

“Update:men found in hotel, w/my luggage, apprehended & spending wknd in jail until+. U guys helped this happen. I am VERY grateful. C u soon,” Dushku wrote.

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