Elisabeth Moss Shares 25 Things Fans Might Not Know About Her

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Elisabeth Moss, 32, has a new Indie film, The One I Love , opening in theaters on Aug. 22. In an interview with Us Weekly, the Mad Men actress shared 25 things her fans might not know about her.

Here is her list:

1. I have an extraordinary amount of shorts. I wear them all the time.
2. I can't swim underwater without holding my nose.
3. I love showers and take them twice a day.
4. I like traveling alone.
5. Red wine is my friend.
6. I swallow my gum. Like, all the time.
7. I don't like tea.
8. I dry-clean my pajamas so they stay soft and perfect.
9. New York is my favorite city in the world.

10. I'm a great napper.
11. My least favorite thing is having to get up early.
12. J.D. Salinger is my favorite author.
13. I love TV and watch a lot of it.
14. I contemplated being a country singer when I was about 11 years old.

15. I am obsessed with sushi.
16. I don't have any tattoos. I think about getting one every day, but then I get scared.
17. I prefer brunet men to blonds, but I prefer being blonde rather than brunette.
18. Every two years, I take up knitting. I've never finished a scarf, but I love buying yarn.
19. Disneyland makes me extremely happy.
20. I have two cats, named Lucy and Ethel. They are sisters, and I adore them.

21. I love the sound of rain, and I love lying in the sun.
22. It's best not to speak to me pre-morning coffee.
23. I want to live inside an Anthropologie store.
24. I text way too much.
25. I love flowers and wish I owned a flower shop.

The One I Love is the story of Ethan (Mark Duplass) and Sophie (Moss), who are struggling with their marriage. Deciding to embark on a journey to figure things out, they seek a therapist (Ted Danson), who suggests they take a special retreat. Telling the couple the retreat has helped countless other couples, the couple heed his advice and off they go.

“When they get there, weird sh– happens,” said first time director Charlie McDowell to Entertainment Weekly, unwilling to share more for fear of divulging spoilers.

“It’s an in-depth relationship study,” said Duplass. “When you first start dating someone, or are trying to date someone, you present yourself as this person who is probably a lot cooler, smarter, more sensitive, more well read than you really are. And then you get to know them and you feel more comfortable, then you start to reveal that you are petty and a little jealous and a little snarky. That is a fascinating thing to us. How do you maintain that relationship and that love when the people you’re with start to change? We try to use a very pointed, odd plot device to examine that.”

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