Elin Nordegren Is Reportedly Getting Serious With New Boyfriend


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Elin Nordegren may be forever famous as the ex-wife of Tiger Woods with emphasis on the "ex" after she split up with the pro-golfer following revelations that he was cheating on her with several other women. While she may never be able to escape that part of her life, the former model is definitely looking to put it all behind her with her current relationship.

The NY Post is reporting that sources close to Nordegren are saying that she is getting serious with billionaire coal magnate Chris Cline. The owner of Foresight Reserves, LP, a company that owns more than three billion tons of coal reserves across Illinois and Northern Appalachia, has been dating Nordegren for a little over a year now. It's not said how they met, but the two live next to each other in North Palm Beach.

While living next to each other isn't exactly a sign of wanting to take things to the next step, visiting the family is. Cline has reportedly already traveled to Sweden to meet Nordegren's family. The two are also said to have great chemistry as both want to focus on philanthropy going forward. Not to mention, the two would probably want a full family to raise Nordegren's two children and Cline's four.

Nordegren's relationship with Cline isn't the only way she's putting her past behind her. It was revealed earlier today that Nordegren is actually great friends with Tiger Woods' current girlfriend Lindsey Vonn. Previously, Nordegren was said to have hated Vonn, but the two apparently hit it off upon meeting each other.

As her relationship with Cline becomes more serious, Nordegren will probably start to pull even further away from the limelight. After all, both her and Cline want to remain out of the public eye and just enjoy the company of each other on Cline's yacht - Mine Games. If anything, she definitely snagged a man with a good naming sense.

Image via Wikimedia Commons