Elementary School Shooting: Tragedy In Connecticut

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A local news station in Newtown, Connecticut has reported that an elementary school is being evacuated and the area is on lockdown after a shooting.

Sandy Hook Elementary School has released no information yet but parents have been informed of the situation. WTNH-TV reported that at least one child was seen exiting the building with a bloody face, and another appeared to have a hand wound.

A bulletin on the school's site read: "Afternoon kindergarten is cancelled today, December 14th. There will be no mid-day bus runs." Parents are being urged not to go to the school until the area has been cleared by police.

We will update this article with information as soon as it becomes available.


The Newtown Patch has reported that police believe there are two shooters and that their black Honda is parked in the school's parking lot. Officials have confirmed it is no longer an active shooting scene and are still investigating the building.

The Newtown Bee has published this photo of children being evacuated.


Update 2: The Hartford Courant reports that one shooter is dead and it is unclear whether another shooter is at large. Numerous injuries have been reported, including a teacher who was shot in the foot.

Update 3: Police are now using a K-9 unit to sweep the area outside the school and are inspecting every corner of the property. It has been confirmed that one shooter is dead, and rumors are swirling that the principal of the school was the target of the attack, though that has not been confirmed.

Update 4: It has now been reported that 27 people are dead, including 14 children. Initial reports that the shooter was the father of one of the students are coming in but have not been confirmed.

Image: News 8 WTNH.com

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