El Salvador Volcano Erupts, Residents Flee Homes

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Frightened residents in the San Miguel region of El Salvador were ordered to evacuate after a volcano erupted Sunday morning.

According to a civil protection official, “almost right after the explosion,” the Chaparrastique volcano prompted authorities to order the evacuations of those locate three kilometers away.

The San Miguel provenience, which has nearly 5,000 people, is known to be the center of numerous coffee plantations. Ashes were said to be falling heavily on the crops and damages could be possible.

Residents near by were asked to use handkerchiefs as the smell of sulfur immersed into the air. The chronic smoke Chaparrastique disbursed into the atmosphere also affected the capital, located 86 miles away.

Authorities have extensively been supervising the extremely active volcano, which last eruption was in 1976, since earlier this month.

Red Cross spokesman Carlos Lopez Mendoza said that according to what has been reported recently, Chaparrastique’s "quite strong explosion” didn’t claim the lives of anyone in its path.

El Salvador is home to 23 active volcanoes. Chaparrastique, however, is the third highest volcano in the country.

A few of those whose families reside in El Salvador, took to twitter to express their concerns.


Image via Youtube, NewsReport24

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