Eileen Davidson Criticizes Lisa Vanderpump, Calls Their Friendship A 'Hostage Situation'

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Eileen Davidson is now at the center of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills controversy after getting into a heated discussion with fellow housewife Lisa Vanderpump, which she detailed in her blog.

It all started at Vanderpump’s post birthday lunch at which Davidson brought up Vanderpump’s previous remarks about her marriage. It seems like Eileen Davidson had been harboring some ill feelings ever since it happened. On the latest episode of RHOBH, Davidson questioned Vanderpump’s friendship.

Eileen Davidson Answers Questions About Lisa Vanderpump

After the passive-aggressive confrontation, the two did not apologize to each other but agreed they were “good.”

In her blog, Davidson said she only brought up the “bi-polar” comment to explain to Lisa Rinna how Yolanda still felt about everything.” Then she shared how surprised she was to see Erika Girardi call Vanderpump manipulative while having lunch with Kathryn Edwards.

Then Edwards volunteered to be Girardi’s “first genuine woman friend” but later on labeled Girardi as “manipulative” as well, Davidson revealed.

She went on to say that she was trying to understand why Girardi felt that way about Vanderpump and that what happened at the Hamptons made perfect sense. However, Eileen Davidson said that she is no longer expecting an apology from Vanderpump. She said that to try to reach out and build “some kind of genuine relationship with her” was her second mistake, adding her first mistake was when she shared her feelings when they were at the Hamptons.

In the end, this is what Eileen Davidson learned from their confrontation: “My thoughts, feelings, and resolution are not valid to Lisa V. But her own resolution and opinion are so important that she has to wag her finger at me to get me to tell her what she wants to hear. That is not friendship. That is a hostage situation. And despite the fact I could no longer engage in this maddening discussion, I see her in a new light because of it.”

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