Egypt Says To Disregard US Warning About Pyramids


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The US recently sent a warning to its citizens traveling in Egypt about the area surrounding the pyramids. Now Egypt is telling those same citizens that the warning is "baseless."

Last week, the US embassy in Egypt sent out a message to US citizens in the country telling them to be extra cautious around the pyramids. The embassy pointed to a number of recent events involving "angry groups of individuals surrounding and pounding" on tourist vehicles.

Egypt fired back this week saying that the area around the pyramids is "totally secure." The country says that tourists are safe in the area, and that the situation has improved greatly since the Egyptian uprising of 2011.

Even if the area is safe, it's still best to heed the embassy's suggestion of elevating "your situational awareness." That goes for anybody traveling anywhere - even your own backyard. It's always smart to be a little paranoid.

If the warning has scared you off from visiting Egypt, take a bird's eye stroll of the area with Google Maps:

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[h/t: AP]