Edward Snowden on Your Laughably Bad Passwords

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"The best advice here is to shift your thinking from passwords to passphrases. Think about a common phrase that works for you that's too long to brute force and also make them unlikely to be in the dictionary," says American living in exile Edward Snowden.

The famed NSA contractor who exposed America's massive surveillance empire sat down with HBO's John Oliver this past Sunday to discuss, among other important things, dick pics. Oliver traveled to Russia to interview Snowden, and it provided us with a very entertaining and also quite informative fifteen minutes of television.

Well, it looks like there was more to the interview that HBO didn't edit into the final product. Oliver and Snowden had a brief conversation about passwords, and HBO has finally put it up online.

You can watch the video below, but if you're in a rush, the main takeaway is that Edward Snowden laughs at your 13-character passwords. If you're not rockin something like "margaretthatcheris110%sexy" when you login to Facebook, you're vulnerable.

I take it back. Watch the video in its entirety. It's worth it.

Y'all's password really are terrible though. Mine is too. I'm not above this.

Image via Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, YouTube

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