Edward Snowden Joins Twitter

Josh WolfordSocial Media

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With a "Can you hear me now", NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has joined Twitter.

"I used to work for the government, Now I work for the public," reads his bio.

He's already making some high-profile Twitter buddies:

It was actually Neil Tyson who prompted Snowden to get on Twitter.

“You kind of need a Twitter handle. So like @Snowden, maybe? Is this something you might do?” asked Tyson in a recent StarTalk Radio interview.

“That sounds good, I think we’ve got to make it it happen," said Snowden

“You and I will be Twitter buddies. Your followers will be: the Internet, me, and the NSA.”

Snowden is only following one account – the NSA. He's amassed over 215,000 followers in about an hour.

I guess Snowden finally realized that it's easier to say what you want to say with a Twitter account. I guess that's what prompted him to join, I mean, he does have a big movie coming out soon.

Josh Wolford
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