Ebola Patient Amber Vinson Flew Across The Country Ahead Of Diagnosis

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On Wednesday new information was released about the second hospital worker to be infected with Ebola.

The patient is named Amber Vinson, and it is believed she contracted the virus while treating Thomas Duncan at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital. Duncan was the first individual to be diagnosed with Ebola in the United States.

Vinson becomes the second hospital worker confirmed as contracting Ebola via contact with the deceased 42-year-old Liberian man.

The first person to contract the Ebola virus in the United States is a woman named Nina Pham.

At present the entire hospital staff, a group of over 70 individiuals, is being closely monitored for symptoms.

However, if recent reports are true, the problem may already have moved beyond Dallas, Texas.

According to the Center for Disease Control, the 26-year-old flew to Dallas on Frontier Airlines Flight 1143 from Cleveland, Ohio. All 132 passengers are being asked to contact medical officials immediately.

The plane has since been decontaminated twice; once in Dallas and again in Cleveland.

Frontier Airlines said in a statement, "The safety and security of our customers and employees is our primary concern. Frontier will continue to work closely with CDC and other governmental agencies to ensure proper protocols and procedures are being followed."

Vinson was confirmed by Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings as living alone at The Green in the Village Apartments, located not too far from the hospital where she worked. Her apartment has since been decontaminated by a hazardous materials team.

The most startling aspect of this information is that according to the CDC Vinson exhibited no signs of infection while on the flight from Cleveland. Therefore no one on the flight would have had any cause for concern.

There are conflicting reports as to whether or not Vinson would have been contagious while flying.

Even more baffling is how, following the close contact that hospital workers had with Duncan, employees were not more carefully monitored. If not cautioned against travel.

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