Ebola.com Sold for Over $200K to Russian Weed Company

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Ebola.com, a domain which, at this point, can only boast a few Ebola-related articles and a couple of ads, was just sold for over $200,000 in cash and stock.

Just last week, a man named Jon Schultz announced that he was prepared to sell Ebola.com for $150,000. He told The Washington Post that he felt the price was more than reasonable, considering the site was already seeing thousands of pageviews a day – and that number will only increase. Schultz bought the domain back in 2008 for $13,500 after watching the movie Outbreak.

Now, it appears, he's made even more than he though he would. An SEC filing confirms that Schultz's Blue String Ventures has sold Ebola.com to a Russian company called Weed Growth Fund for over $200,000 in cash and stock. The deal includes $50,000 cash and 19,192 share of stock.

But Weed Growth Fund isn't giving away their own stock. Instead, the company is selling 19,192 shares of another weed company's stock in the deal – Cannabis Sativa, Inc.

According to The Verge, those 19,192 shares are currently valued at about $164,000.

At this point, I'd say this an interesting story. It's about to get better.

Turns out, Cannabis Sativa, Inc. just recently appointed a new CEO. Back in July, the company named New Mexico's former two-term governor and Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson as its new leader. That boosted stock prices.

So, if somewhere down the line, someone asks you about the story of Ebola.com, just mumble something about pot and Gary Johnson.

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