eBay's BlackBerry App Offered In 6 More Countries


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When announcing its acquisition of RedLaser one week ago, eBay noted that a purchase is made every two seconds using eBay's mobile apps.  Only now, as impressive as that frequency is, the delay between purchases may decrease, since the eBay application for BlackBerry has become available in six more countries.

Folks in Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK should now find it easier to make impulse purchases when they're on the go.  Or make planned purchases when they're not simply near a standard computer, for that matter, because the eBay application for BlackBerry is meant to offer just about every feature a person could possibly use, ensuring a full experience.

eBay explained in an official statement, "[U]sers can search, bid, buy and check their eBay buying and selling activity virtually anywhere.  The application leverages the BlackBerry Push Service to allow users to be wirelessly notified of the status of eBay listings in real-time. . . .  eBay sellers can be notified when a sale ends and will be provided with buyer information and the sale price."

What's more, the people responsible for making BlackBerry devices support this move, which should lessen the odds of any technical snafus.  Alan Brenner, senior vice president of the BlackBerry Platform at RIM, said, "The idea of making eBay listings more conveniently accessible and manageable on BlackBerry smartphones is a 'natural' . . ."

So let's now return to the subject of impressive numbers.  With its mobile platforms, eBay expects to generate $1.5 billion in gross merchandise volume this year.

Unfortunately, eBay didn't provide a breakdown of how much it anticipates people in Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK to contribute, but they're liable to play a significant role.