eBay to Inform Sellers of Protection from Buyers


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eBay Inc. will commence informing sellers of proactive protection from buyers, beginning April 3rd, and every month thereafter, according to an official message from the eBay announcement board.

eBay proactively protects sellers from unfair or undeserved feedback, as well as in buyer protection cases. If the company notices an atypical pattern of low detailed seller ratings (DSRs) or negative or neutral feedback, eBay will now be letting sellers know if they remove any negative feedback from vendor profiles. Sellers will also be made aware of any resolution cases have been excluded from ones seller performance record, or if a seller has been protected by a standards grace period - meaning, a seller will be able to maintain a Top Rated Seller status even if negative feedback that had affected the rating in the past is again pending.

Specifically, eBay will be monitoring and resolving the following issues:

The number of negative and neutral feedbacks removed and/or number of low detailed seller ratings (DSRs) removed as a result of proactive reviews by eBay.
If multiple DSRs from a single buyer have been excluded from review.
Any resolutions cases removed proactively from the seller’s account
If the seller performance standard has been protected by the standards grace period

The first eBay email this month will cover all transactions occurring during the period from February 1, 2011 to January 31, 2012, and the company states that this proactive initiative will serve to help protect and support sellers. It has been reported that some of the main issues that eBay users have with the site concern the management, the feedback system and the buyers themselves. Perhaps the new monthly emails will improve the eBay experience.