eBay Makes Listings Free For Up To 50 Items

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eBay said today, for the first time, it is making it free to list up to 50 items per month in auctions at any start price, and free to add the “Buy it Now” option to those listings. Starting on April 19 the new options will be available.

“As we look toward the future of commerce, eBay is positioning small sellers and larger merchants alike for growth, and connecting them with shoppers excited about their great deals and terrific service,” said Christopher Payne, senior vice president and head of eBay North America.

“We are listening to our customers and continue to tailor pricing to ensure the success of our sellers, and make eBay more convenient, accessible and relevant to their customers.”

eBay is also discounting its Final Value Fee rates for Store and Fixed Price sellers, and will apply the Final Value Fee to the total amount of sale, including shipping, to prompt sellers to offer buyers free and low cost shipping.

The company is also introducing a new eBay shopping cart that will allow buyers to add items, both auction and fixed price from multiple sellers and pay in a single checkout.

“I’ve received many questions over the years of when an eBay shopping cart would be introduced. Given that it’s going to be opt-in at first, it’s pretty clear that this is a test and we will be adding functionality through the coming year,” writes Richard Brewer-Hay on the eBay Ink blog.

“On the seller side, it is expected that unpaid items will be virtually eliminated in Fixed Price as items that are in shopping carts will still be available to other buyers until they are paid for.”

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