eBay Hits 100m App Downloads, 100m Mobile Listings

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eBay is focusing on mobile, and they have some numbers that prove they're moving in the right direction.

According to a blog post, eBay's suite of mobile apps have broken the 100 million download barrier - including 25 million downloads in the last six months alone.

And apparently, people are using the mobile apps at a high rate as well. Along with this milestone, eBay is also reporting 100 million listings via mobile.

EBay launched their first app in 2008, and the first "selling app" in 2010. Across all mobile apps, the top categories for listings are fashion, tech, vehicles, motor parts, and home & garden. A whopping $275 is spent every second on eBay mobile and 1.9 million listings are being added per week, compared with only 1.1 million in December of 2011.

"We are taking a mobile first approach to the business, drawing on four years of leading mobile commerce and continually making our experience more personalized and relevant to the customer,” said Steve Yankovich, vice president, eBay Mobile. “People want to shop how they want, when they want and we succeed by making it easy for them to connect to the products and services they care about. At the same time, by making listing products intuitive and quick on mobile, we are empowering sellers to effectively compete in today’s rapidly changing world.”

eBay says that they expect to transact $10 billion in mobile in 2012, which would double last year's figures.

Josh Wolford
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