Eastwood Daughter Wedding: Alison Marries Stacy


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One of Clint Eastwood's daughters, Alison, has reportedly married reality TV star Stacy Poitras. Poitras is the star of the CMT reality show Chainsaw Gang.

According to People magazine, the couple wed in a small ceremony in Calabasas, California. Clint Eastwood and his current wife, Dina, attended the ceremony, as did Alison's mother, Maggie Johnson. Alison's siblings, Kyle, Scott, and Kathryn were also in attendance, as were Poitras' brothers, Mark, Matt, and Bobby.

Poitras is a sculptor on Chainsaw Gang, and creates wooden sculptures carved with chainsaws. He grew up in Plymouth, Massachusetts and attended the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Poitras told People that he asked Alison's father's permission to marry her before proposing.

Clint Eastwood made headlines last year for a speech he gave at the Republican National Convention during which he spoke to a chair as if it an invisible President Obama were sitting on it. The event was widely ridiculed.

(Image courtesy CMT)