East Peoria Shooting: Mass Killing Averted?


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A gunman walked into a bar in East Peoria, Illinois on Saturday and opened fire on a couple. The shooting was at point blank range and the wounds the pair received were fatal.

It could have been the beginning of a mass shooting, but any further tragedy was averted thanks to the quick actions of an FBI agent.

The Fifth Quarter bar was packed with patrons that night; dozens of people had turned up for a high school reunion.

The revelry and nostalgia was brought to a terrifying halt when gunfire erupted.

The man responsible for the bar shooting was Jason Moore of Creve Coeur, Illinois.

His two victims were later identified as 33-year-old Lori Moore and her 33-year-old boyfriend Lance Griffel, both of Peoria. The woman was revealed to be the ex-wife of the gunman.

The shooting victims were rushed to OSF Saint Francis Medical Center. They died within minutes of each other.

Moore’s ex-husband was declared dead at the scene of the shooting. He was gunned down by an off duty federal agent. At the request of the FBI, the man's identity is to be withheld from the public.

Said East Peoria Police Chief Dick Ganschow, "We hate to think of what the possibilities could have been had the agent not been there and not been able to take the action that he did.”

The Fifth Quarter bar remains closed and it is not known when the establishment will reopen.

Ganschow believes that the shooting was most likely “a domestic issue” involving the three deceased parties. An investigation into the event is ongoing.

"There's an element we want to know and that is why this happened,” said Ganschow. The police chief also wanted to know for certain if the tragic event was at all preventable.

Local law enforcement officials have revealed that state officials and federal authorities are aiding in the investigation.

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