EA Officially Announces Battlefield 3 Premium

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To combat Activision's paid service titled Call of Duty: Elite, EA is firing it's own salvo titled Battlefield 3 Premium. In an exclusive story by Reuters, Battlefield 3 Premium has been confirmed by EA for a June 4th release date.

The service was initially teased earlier last week with tons of rumors regarding price and release date and what exactly it would contain. Then yesterday a trailer was leaked. So now that the service has officially been confirmed, what did the report say about it?

The report has a few goodies that are totally worth mentioning:

- EA has sold 15 million copies of Battlefield 3 across 3 platforms. This is major because a lot of people were fed up with the COD franchise and looked elsewhere. It looks as though EA/DICE did exactly what they wanted to do with the game.

- The service will indeed be $50 and will launch on June 4th.

- The huge news out of this piece is that Playstation 3 players will get all future DLC 2 weeks earlier than Xbox 360 or PC now instead of 1 week earlier. This is kind of big.

Here is the leaked trailer:

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