EA Looking At Other Games For Premium Subscriptions

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We were hoping this wouldn't happen when EA announced that they were launching a premium service for Battlefield 3. Then the announcement came out that EA/DICE has sold 800,000 subscribers the Battlefield 3 Premium service. Now it look as though EA is looking into other franchises that it currently has to see if the "premium" or subscription based service will be worth the effort.

In an interview with Games Industry International, EA Labels boss Frank Gibeau said:

"We've launched subscription businesses in our other categories. We had EA Sports subscription before Elite came out, so adding that component to the design is not a reaction. It's something we'd always been considering and we had been looking at. We didn't have it ready for launch and it took us some time to get it prepped. Having said that, they [Activision] did something really innovative and if your competitor does something innovative and you think it applies to what you can do, then there's no harm in doing that," he said. "This is an industry where people have a lot of oneupsmanship and if somebody innovates, you match it or you exceed it."

With the success that EA has achieved with first its sports subscription and now Battlefield 3 Premium, we can all look forward to the day when we get the Need For Speed Premium emails from Origin. Then what is next is obvious. I think that eventually you will only be able to purchase DLC in gigantic $50-$60 "premium" packs. so that the developers can "justify' the fact that they "only" charge you $60 to "buy" a game. Lots of quotations expresses the severe sarcasm in my remarks.

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