E3 Rumor: Nintendo Project Cafe's Touchscreen Controller

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The Electronic Entertainment Expo is upon us, as the gaming conference will kick off today. As speculation grows about all the new hardware and software that will be revealed in the next few days, one thing is for sure: Nintendo will be unveiling its next generation console.

Though Nintendo's press conference at the event doesn't begin until 12 pm EST on Tuesday, there might be some information on exactly what shape that new console is going to take - at least its controller.

Of the many rumors surrounding the the Wii 2, or Project Cafe as it is said to be codenamed, one of the biggest and most resounding across the gaming world was the talk of a touchscreen controller.

A Japanese source Nikkei (via Mashable) is confirming the new controller that will be unveiled Tuesday will sport a nifty touchscreen. They say is will be the "size of about 6 inches." They also say that the new controller will have a built in camera.

What could a 6 inch touchscreen controller mean for the new Nintendo console? Will gamers be able to play games directly on the small screen - basically making it its own handheld? Will the touchscreen be used to control various actions on your larger TV screen? Hopefully both? Or will the touchscreen have some other capabilities?

And about the camera, one has to think that some sort of video conferencing capabilities may be a part of the new system. Imagine online gaming chat being a visual thing, instead the pure audio chat you get with a headset.

The big rumor about the "project cafe" is that it's going to go after hardcore gamers. It is supposedly upping the graphics and speed. If Nintendo is going to compete with Microsoft and Sony for the Call of Duty and Battlefield crowd, they have to provide something new and innovative. Video conferencing from the controller wouldn't be a bad touch.

I guess we will see on Tuesday afternoon exactly how the new controller will work on the system. GameInformer has said that its sources think the new console will not be called the Wii 2, or Project Cafe, but simply "Nintendo." That would be the equivalent of a band coming out with a self-titled release as their 5th or 6th album.

But hey, my mother has called every video game system I've ever had a "Nintendo," so it wouldn't be very shocking to hear it simply called that.

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