E3 2013: The Walking Dead DLC, Vita Bundle Announced


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It was easy to overlook the opening moments of Sony's big E3 press conference last night. While the world was waiting for titles such as Final Fantasy XV and praying that Sony would not follow Microsoft's draconian DRM scheme, Sony front-loaded its presentation with news about the struggling Vita console.

Though the segment was mostly sad, a bright spot of news did appear: Telltale Games' The Walking Dead will officially be getting DLC in the form of a new story chapter. The Walking Dead, an adventure game based on the comics and TV series of the same name, surprised gamers with its intense storytelling and ended up on many best-of-2012 lists.

Titled 400 Days, the add-on will follow five new characters during the first 400 days of the walker outbreak. Players will be able to choose any character they like, and play through their stories in any order. Telltale has confirmed that decisions made in 400 Days will "echo into future installments of the series."

The game was mentioned during Sony's conference because it will be included in a new bundle for the PS Vita. The bundle will come with the complete "first season" of The Walking Dead adventure game (all five episodes) and the 400 Days DLC. The bundle and the DLC, which will hit all platforms, will be out sometime "this summer."