E-Cigarette Ad Pops Up Inside Kids iPad Game

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If you asked the world's second-largest tobacco company about their new marketing strategies, I'm going to assume that they wouldn't include running ads in kids apps in their response.

Nevertheless, an ad for Vype, the first e-cigarette marketed by British American Tobacco, recently appeared as an in-app advertisement in a kids iPad game.

The ad was spotted and tweeted out by author and Learning Without Frontiers founder Graham Brown-Martin:

The in-app e-cig ad was then retweeted by the Twitter account for E-Cigarette Forum, the biggest online forum devoted entirely to e-cigarettes.

British American Tobacco quickly responded, tweeting that they had yanked all online advertising for their Vype product.

Swift move, still, the question remains - just how in the hell did this happen?

Image via Graham Brown-Martin, Twitter

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