Dylan Farrow Had Op-Ed Piece Turned Down

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Dylan Farrow, who saw her op-ed piece containing allegations of sexual abuse against Woody Allen published by the New York Times on Saturday, initially had it rejected by the LA Times.

Farrow, who was adopted by Allen and Mia Farrow as a child, says in the piece that Allen began abusing her when she was just seven years old, and that it lasted for years, unbeknownst to Mia. When she got older, she came forward with her story, and the allegations were brought back into the spotlight last month when, following a loving speech given by Diane Keaton as she accepted the Cecil B. Demille lifetime achievement award on his behalf at the Golden Globes, Ronan Farrow took to Twitter in dismay.

“Missed the Woody Allen tribute – did they put the part where a woman publicly confirmed he molested her at age 7 before or after Annie Hall?” Ronan wrote.

The op-ed piece came after the Golden Globes, due in part to the media frenzy surrounding Ronan's comments. But according to LA Times op-ed editor Sue Horton, they took a look at it before it was published and decided against accepting it.

"We got it, we considered it, we ultimately decided not to use it," she said.

The news is upsetting to some, especially after word broke on Wednesday that Allen has asked for an opportunity to write his own op-ed and may be granted the chance to do so by the New York Times.

“They asked and we said, ‘Yes, send it in,’ ” Andrew Rosenthal, The Times’s editorial page editor, said, noting that just because there is a request, that doesn’t mean it will automatically be published. “It comes down to the editing process,” he said. “Normally, we don’t publish a direct response….in this case, it was so personal, we thought that we should.”

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