Dwyane Wade: Returns to Game For A Loss; New Shoes

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D.Wade is a hot topic once again, although good that this time it’s for purely professional reasons, bad that there is a big question mark around his name. The *main topic of discussion is Wade’s return to the court after sitting out for nine games on Saturday only to lose to the Atlanta Hawks.

Although it looks pretty bad on paper, some could consider that a necessary warm-up game before the playoffs begin. He sat out for nine games; now is a great time to get his rhythm back. With the team consistently asserting that their main focus is not on having the number-one conference seed, but just being healthy for the playoffs, the Heat may not be worrying yet. According to Wade’s pre-game statements told to ESPN,

"I'm going to give it a go today.That's the plan. The first thing was to get comfortable with it. You never know how severe it is until you try to strengthen it. Now, it's just about getting comfortable and pushing it to see where you're at."

That seems to be their mind state— although fans are worried:

Miami might need to be worried about why didn’t they beat Atlanta with four and a half players.

That’s not the only discussion on hand. Looks like D.Wade has dropped a new Jordan shoe recently,

that the public is receiving with mixed reviews:

So, today is Dwyane’s day in the media. Let’s hope the next talk of the town with his name in it will consist of excellent plays and wins.

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