Dwayne Johnson Sells Estate: Smells Like A Fortune

Amanda CrumLife

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I've never smelled what The Rock was cookin', but the recent sale of his sprawling estate in Hidden Hills has a rather green aroma around it.

Johnson--whose wrestling name is The Rock--unloaded his 9,120 square-foot house for just under $5 million to a businessman (what sort of business, I wonder?) and is probably swimming through a sea of cash and coins like Scrooge McDuck as I write this. The home boasts its own movie theater, an infinity pool, and more bathrooms than bedrooms, making it a sweet place to host guests.




Image credit: The Inquisitr

The Rock is hard at work filming a new Michael Bay film, "Pain And Gain", which pairs him up with Mark Wahlberg again after they rubbed elbows in the Will Ferrell vehicle "The Other Guys", and has seven films slated for release between now and 2014, including "G.I. Joe: Retaliation". Maybe he sold his house because he never has time to enjoy it....

Amanda Crum
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