Dwayne Johnson May Be Cast In New Terminator Film

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Ready for a new terminator? When rumors of a Terminator 5 or Terminator Reboot hit the web, everyone started guessing who would play which role. Those rumors mention Dwayne Johnson as a possible choice for an android.

Johnson is a wise choice for the role, considering his muscular frame and ability to do well in action films, but many Terminator fans don't like the idea of a remake or new film without Schwarzenegger. But, if the rumors are correct, Schwarzenegger may have a role in the film also.

Other rumors suggest that Emilia Clarke may be cast as Sarah Connor. The problem with these rumors is that they aren't based on facts. The truth is, very little is known about the next Terminator film. The director has not even said if the new film will be a remake of the first Terminator or a continuation of the films.

The rumored plot seems to categorize the new Terminator film as more of a prequel, with Johnson's android character going back in time to kill the parents of Sarah Connor and Schwarzenegger coming to their rescue.

With so many rumors about the cast and plot of the film and little information given by the director, it's really hard to say which direction the film will go in. Until more is known, Terminator fans will just have to keep guessing and crossing their fingers that their favorite Terminator characters will be portrayed as expected.

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