Dutch Orchestra Wants to Play Your Tweeted Masterpieces

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What if you could take a few minutes to compose a short tune and see it played by a world-class orchestra? Well, wonder no longer - there's a new project from Metropole Orkest. It's called Tweetphony, and its goal is to get as many people as possible to make their own tweet-songs.

The project will eventually culminate in the Dutch orchestra playing the best selections live during a 9-hour streaming concert this Friday, October 26th.

All you have to do it head over to the Tweetphony site and compose your song. After you're satisfied, record it and tweet it to the masses. The tweet will show up as a series of notes, as such:

The Tweetphony site also allows you to listen to all of the creations from Twitter users. On Friday, the orchestra will pick some of the tweets to play live. You can watch the live concert here.

According to the site, Tweetphony is designed to raise awareness for the orchestra, which is facing budget cuts.

"Let the Metropole Orchestra play! That's the message behind the Tweetphony. Worldwide we are labeled as one of the best orchestra's in our genre but due to cuts in the subsidy of public broadcasting channels, our existence is threatened. Last December the government was willing to continue supporting the orchestra but this is a promise they did not keep. With the Tweetphony campaign, we once more want to put the orchestra in the spotlights."

So, head on over to the Tweetphony site and construct your 140-character masterpiece. Maybe you will have your work played by one of the best orchestras in the world. Wouldn't that be cool?

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