Duggar Family Celebrates Mom Michelle's 49th Birthday [Videos]

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This year has been tough for the Duggar family but despite all the controversies, the whole gang of 19 Kids and Counting united to celebrate their mother’s birthday on Sunday, September 13.

Michelle Duggar celebrated her 49th birthday with a series of videos of her children wishing her a happy birthday. The videos were compiled in the official website of the Duggar family.

Soon-to-be-mom, Jessa Duggar Seewald, in one video said: "As Ben and I are looking forward to being parents in the next couple months I just think that there are are so many things that I learned from you that I'm really looking forward to implementing in my own home."

Jessa named patience and her mom’s faith as the traits she likes about her mom. She said Michelle is very patient with the kids and very calm when she deals with them. At times of trouble, Jessa said her mother directed them to Jesus.

Joy-anna joined her sister Jana in another video and thanked their mother for being their role model. Jana, 25, hoped to be like her mom in the future and called Michelle her “hero.”

Michelle’s 19-year-old son Josiah thanked his mom for believing in him. The teener said: "I really do look up to you, and I can't imagine having a different mom."

The Dillard family- Jill, Derick and 5-month-old Israel- also greeted Michelle on her birthday. Derick told Michelle via video that he was “so blessed to have the best mother-in-law in the world.”

The Duggar patriarch, Jim Bob, had also shared his message for his wife of 31 years. In his video he called Michelle a “godly mother” a “wonderful wife” and a “virtuous woman.”

Eldest son Josh Duggar was absent as he is now seeking treatment at the Reformers Unanimous Center in Rockford, Ill.

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