Duck Dynasty Christmas Special a Major Hit

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The Robertson clan has become a worldwide sensation. Millions of viewers tune in to A&E every week to find out what the bearded Robertson men will be up to next. This week was a special week for the Duck Dynasty enthusiasts, as back-to-back episodes aired including the much anticipated Christmas special.

Because of their growing popularity and massive empire, it was no surprise that the Christmas special brought in 8.9 millions viewers. While the numbers are impressive, they still did not break their overall record of 11.8 million viewers during their fourth season premiere in August.

We all know that the Robertsons can hunt, and we found out that they could sing after the release of their Christmas album, Duck The Halls: A Robertson Family Christmas, but did you know that they can act too? During the nativity play at their church, each member of the Robertson family took part in telling the story of the birth of Jesus. "Considering the talent involved, it's borderline miraculous we pulled off the play," Jase Robertson said.


Earlier this month, the infamous Uncle Si talked to Us Weekly recalling his favorite Christmas memory. "We lived in a farming community. The hands that drive the tractors. . . they don't make a lot of money," Si explained. "Daddy had fell off an oil rig, broke his back and was not working. Two weeks later, the woman comes back and hands mama an envelope. It was something like $500 or $600 in an envelope with 'Merry Christmas' on it for the kids," he continued. "That's my favorite Christmas memory. This is people that didn't have much, giving a lot. Which is what Christmas is all about: giving."

In true Robertson tradition, Willie ended the episode with a very touching message. "Everyone knows that the meaning of Christmas is giving," he said. "But what makes the season truly special is the variety of ways to give."

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